Violence Fiction VS Reality

United As One

  • United as one is the seventh book in the series
  • A group of aliens with legacy's take on a mogadorian invasion to save earth
  • The power that gives them legacy's is unleashed on earth giving humans power to help John and the rest of the garde save the world
  • Mogs have warships above all the big cities in the world and are ready to strike
  • Joined together the garde and the gifted human they take the battle to the mogadorian leader and take back earth

No Country For Old Men

  • Story flips between three people, Moss, Anton and the sheriff
  • Drug cartel had a shoot out at an exchange and everyone dies
  • Moss finds a briefcase at the exchange with a large sum of money
  • Drug cartel wants there money back and Anton is also trying to get it
  • Moss leaves his wife and is on the run
  • Sheriff goes to countless hotel shootings with a great deal of bodies in every crime scene
  • Anton is a professional serial killer and warns Moss to give back the money or Moss and his wife will die
  • Sheriff can't find them and stop Anton, Anton gets to Moss and his wife and ends it.

People take events from movies, games, books and wish it was true. sometimes people even try making them true

Evan Ramsey

  • Played Doom (shooting game)
  • Happened February 19, 1997 at age 16
  • wounded two and killed his principal and fellow student
  • 12 gauge shotgun, popular in that game
  • Father told press he believed his son imitated Doom

February 18 2013


The two books may be very different but when looked at together it shows the difference between a fantasy and a real life event.

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