Producing Readers The process of becoming Free Part deux

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, literacy refers to both the ability to read and write-- and refers to knowledge that relates to a specific subject. From this definition, we can conclude that literacy on all levels is important. From wine literacy, to political literacy to financial literacy, humans are always in the process of becoming literate. In our first literacy series, we focus on the literate reader.

When you think about reading, what reading material first comes to mind? Who comes to mind? Does a specific location pop up in your head? I invite you to explore this photo gallery of readers. Are these the same images you visualized?

Reading is fundamental and cannot be replaced. In fact, being a literate reader is so important that often times people are more comfortable admitting that they don't understand math rather than admitting they cannot read. It is important that we explore readers as diverse humans who are interested in learning, maturing, and evolving. This will only help to promote reading at any age and stage in life.



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