Good Life Nature Activity Brooke sapolsky

Nature on Display

I loved this exhibit because you are totally immersed in a little butterfly filled room. The butterflies move around, land on flowers, and even eat bananas all in the space. I almost felt like I was invading their home because the exhibit let these animals freely roam and go where ever they wanted.

I feel like this exhibit is the best way to understand how butterflies act in the real world. While pictures of the flying or sitting on flowers are gorgeous, they don't fully capture the whole scene. They make it seem like the butterflies are stationed there, but most of the time, they would only land for a fleeting second and then fly away to another flower. While the boxes of butterflies let you see all the details of the butterfly's wings, they don't capture their movements. However, this exhibit fully shows all the aspects of the butterflies' lives.

Nature and Ethics

When people trap and cage animals or force them to do unnatural physical activity, like elephants in circuses, it is unethical because of the poor treatment of the animals. In those instances, we hinder animals qualities of life simply for our own pleasure. However, when we collect sharks teeth or recreate extinct sharks massive jaws, it allows humans to continue learning and observing nature without getting in the way of it. In this exhibit, I was blown away by the sheer size of these jaws. I was genuinely able to learn about these creatures without forcing them into unnatural habitats. This type of natural display is a great way to teach while still making the museum interactive and fun!

Nature and the Human Spirit

We try to preserve ourselves when we die. During our lives, we strive to do something that is worth remembering, something to be our legacy. Here we are preserving the lives of the butterflies, even if it is in an unnatural way. These butterflies had no control over being put into boxes and nailed to the walls for a display, and although it is not a pleasant thing to think about, we really do not have much control over what happens when we die either. We can work our whole lives to create a legacy, but in the end, it is not up to us if we are remembered or not. Eventually, our memories get pushed aside and life goes on.

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