Meiosis has the same steps as mitosis, only it performs them twice. These steps prophase I & II, metaphase I & II, anaphase I & II, telophase I & II. Meiosis creates gametes, or sex cells.

During prophase I microtubules form and chromosomes condense. During prophase II one centriole moves to the opposite side and microtubules attach to each of the chromatids

In metaphase I the microtubules attach to the chromosomes and position them in the middle of the nucleus. During metaphase II the microtubules line up the chromosomes in the middle of the cell

During anaphase I the chromosones are pulled to opposite sides of the cell to prepare for division. During anaphase II the sister chromatids split apart and move to opposite sides of the cell

During telophase I the cell divides, leaving two cells with 46 chromosomes each. During telophase II the nuclear envelope redevelopes and creates four cells with23 chromosomes each

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