Bill Gates ReNaisance man

Bill Gates is one of the most successful people in the world. Bill gates was first interested into programming when he was thirteen years old. For an instance, he once had hacked into the school's computers at age thirteen. He had hacked into the schools computers because he was running out of money. Bill gates left Harvard because he was already in Harvard so he thought he would be qualified to leave Harvard, and go Help and create Microsoft. ironically he was not the only person person to create Microsoft HIm and his good friend Paul Allen. They both have created and designed Microsoft. Gates and Allen created the world's biggest software called Microsoft. In conclusion this is how bill gates became so successful.

Bill gates has created many successful businesses. One of his most successful businesses was microsoft. Bill Gates started Microsoft with his childhood friend named Paul Allen. when Bill Gates and Paul Allen made their partnership it was called Micro-Soft, but in later on in time the changed it to Microsoft just without the hyphen. Another successful business was Cascade: Cascade is a Cleaning company. Bill Gates has had his hands in many successful businesses.

Bill Gates has supported many Charities. One they support is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This foundation helps support health and education around the world. Another charity that they support is ALS. ALS is a disease called Lou Gehrig's Disease, and the charity helps find the cure. Finally he also helps GALVMed. The GALVMed charity helps gain more access to animal medicines and poor livestock. In conclusion he has help many charities.

Bill Gates company he had created
Other programs Bill Gates has created

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