Paula Young '66 Alumni Spotlight

Paula Mickle Young graduated from the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing in 1966 with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Afterward, she simultaneously worked as a registered nurse and flight attendant before she took a job in public health in 1972.

Later on, Paula focused on hospital quality assurance and improvement and worked for seven years as the assistant vice president of quality management for Licking Memorial Hospital in Newark, Ohio, before she retired.

Paula recently shared some of her favorite memories from college, her best advice for nursing students and what she does for fun.

Her Favorite Class: Anatomy and Physiology

Paula says she really loved learning about the body and found the course very interesting.

Her Favorite Social Memories: Sorority and Dorm Life

Paula lived in Logan Hall with her classmates and says she has many fun memories. She also served as president of her sophomore nursing class and was most involved with her sorority.

What she Appreciates Most about her Degree:

"It opened so many doors for me," Paula says.

Her Best Advice for Nursing Students:

Find a balance between academics and social activities.

Her Favorite Hobbies:

Paula enjoys photography, traveling and golf.

University of Cincinnati College of Nursing student Ava Oelrich interviewed Paula Mickel Young as part of the Alumni Discovery Project.


Paula Young and University of Cincinnati College of Nursing

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