Technology In the Civil War By: morgan conley & emma coad


The Civil War was a war between the North and the South to determine if the United States would be free or slave country. The Civil War would have hade a very different out come if it wasn't for the technology that was being created.


The Civil War was the first war to be documented by photography. These images allowed people to connect to events in more immediate ways before this war. Generally outdoor photos focused on inamate objects as buildings, fortifications, weapons, ships, and camps. Most images were produced days after the war. The image prints sold for 25¢ and more.

Mathew Brady

Mathew Brady was the most famous photographer during the civil war. His pictures were mainly portrait pictures if politicians.


The railroad was a very important transportation in the war. The railroad helped transport large numbers of soilders and supplies to the North and South. The South was less enthusiastic about the railroad industry. Anything needed to be transferred landed up in freight trains

There was very little track that hade been laid west of the Mississippi River. The tracks were up to 6ft wide and grew 22,000 miles in the North and 9,500 miles in the South. Accidents also happened because telegraphs communications was not at its. The Railroad people were unaware of the broken rails and collapsed bridges.

Minié Bullet

The Minie Bullet was a cylindrical in shape, with a conical point and a hollow base containing an iron plug. It was smaller than the diameter of a rifle barrel, could be easily loaded, even when the rifle became dirty. This bullet went more straight and farther then the balls.


Without the telegraph the war could hade a different outcome. The telegraphs help send messages faster. It also allowed to communicate Abraham Lincoln to battle feild. More than one million messages were sent to and from the battle feild.

Technology in the Civil War made a big impact on the outcome of the war. Without the technology the war would have hade a different outcome. The Minie bullet made a major impact on the war.

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