Photoshop Portfolio II Brendan poock

My inspiration behind this CD cover was the band Weezer and one song from their third studio album and that song was called "Island in the sun" so I decided to make the album cover out of the image I got from the song title. I wouldn't say there is any real meaning behind this album cover it just reflects their song "Island in the Sun." Now I added a drop shadow and outer glow to the Weezer text on the front cover just to give it a little shine and really show up, for the back text I just made it black and organized it in the order of the songs on the disc I had problems with the disc though as i didn't just want to copy and paste again (which is terrible since I already did it once) so I just gave it a new sky and made the text white which now seems like a terrible choice

During the CD project I had actually forgotten my original plan to redo the album cover for franz ferdinands "Right words Right thoughts Right actions" so since I had forgotten it I just redid Weezers third studio album which went a bit better than I had expected so I just stuck with it instead.

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