Timber wolves BY: chASE hARGROVE

Timber Wolves are mammals. Their fur color can be brownish gray, black, and all white. The Timber wolves height is about 26 to 32 inches to the shoulder, an adult Timber wolves can grow to around 4 feet to 6.56 feet in length, females are usually slightly smaller. The Timber wolves weight is 40 lbs as a baby and 175 lbs as an adult. The Timber wolf can smell 100 times better than humans. A Timber wolf also has a total number of 42 teeth. A wolf moves its ears to listen for prey. They have great eyesight, and a strong sense of smell. The Timber wolves family is the Gray wolves and other breeds of dogs.

The Timber wolves eats meat, it is a carnivore. To name a few animals it eats there are White-tailed deer, elk, beavers, and rabbits. They usually hunt for deer, moose, elk, and other animals. Some of the Timber wolves predators are black bears, cougars, and red foxes.

The Timber wolf lives in the Temperate forests of North America, South America, Asia, and Australia. The Timber wolf needs trees and grass to blend into their environment. The Timber wolves live in packs that includes 6 to 10 members. They live in caves, mountains, grasslands, and woodlands.

The Timber wolf has 42 teeth and hunting claws. They hunt in packs to get more food like a herd of elk or moose. They also look for big prey that are in any sign of bad conditions. They like to hunt at night for prey that are a sleep.

The Timber wolves enemies are mostly humans and tigers. In overpopulated areas where food is scarce wolves will kill other wolves.

Here are some interesting facts. Timber wolves eat 20 to 30 pounds of food a day. Wolf cubs are born blind and deaf, they must be cared for until they are 10 months old. Wolves hunt in ranging from 50 to 1,000 square miles. Wolves hunt for prey that are much larger than themselves.


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