Federal Trade Commission by Jacob Rhoad

the current leader of the federal trade commission is Edith Ramirez and was appointed as the head in 2013 by president Obama.

the website for the Federal Trade Commission is https://www.ftc.gov/. the federal trade commission was established on September 26th, 1914 by Woodrow wilson

the federal trade commission was created for the purpose of preventing unfair methods of competition in commerce as part of the "trust busting" that was concurring at the time.

some of the duties that the Federal trade commission has are to investigate unfair practices in trade and commerce raised by reports, issue equitable relief to businesses, issue and monitor asset freezes, investigate and prosecute identity theft cases, regulate and set trade regulations in the united states from exports and imports.

this agency tries to address market failures by investigating fraud and setting regulations on exports and imports. they try and keep a favorable amount of exports and have less imports.

recently the federal trade commission forced AT&t to issue 80 million in refunds to its consumers. After AT&T charged some of its customers third party charges to mobile phone plans without these customers consent in an illegal process called mobile cramming after beginning its investigation in late 2014.

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