Universal Design Learning My Favorite tools

I am a visual learner and these tools made me think they would be good to help students that learn visually too!

BUBBLE.US - I have a hard time connecting ideas. I always have a lot of ideas but sometimes they overwhelm me. This tool helps me brainstorm and connect and reconnect. It helped me to see where I can make my ideas link back to each other
I love QUIZLET! I use it a lot with my own children when they are studying for tests. It helps me by being able to input the information and then quiz myself. Both actions help my brain to remember what it is I need to learn and it is fun to create the study tool.
This is a lifesaver for collaboration! I use this to help my son who attends Dixie State University. He will have me proofread papers and give comments. This is a great way to collaborate and create with others and it is universal!
I used this program for the first time TODAY! This was much more simple than power point or prezi and I enjoyed finding the pictures and explaining my thoughts.

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