Abandoned Farmhouse Poem By: JonaThan Ayers

The neatly put away washcloths

on the shelves say they loved the old house,

The hanging clothes in the closet

had said they loved it;

and the well organized dresser on the carpet,

said "it was as quiet as a mouse."

The shoes in the basket

say their favorite part was the fire pit;

"I loved it there,"

said the polka dotted blouse,

and the flowers on the table

said it was legit.


But the move was tough,

said the clothes strewn about the floor.

There had been no time to clean,

exclaimed the socks in the shoe;

"I liked the old house better,"

said the towel hanging over the door.

The rags on the floor say

the tension had grew.

The piles of boxes on the ground say

they wish they'd been able to explore,

The dishes on the counter

said they hated it too;

And the full containers on the chair,

say they'll hate this house forevermore.


Although the move was tough,

everyone thought it was worth the time.

The signs hung on the wall

said this house isn't bad

The brand new rags hung nicely on the rack

exclaimed "we're excited to clean the new house grime."

The lamp on the table

said the new house is rad;

And the cute dog asleep on the couch

said the move was worth the climb.

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