the pearl blanca alonso

chapter 6 last scene

the scene i choice is the last one because it took a really strong man like kino to thru back the pearl after all the money he would of made by sealingĀ it. ever seen he got the pearl juana know it would just bring evil , that it will also ruind there family. and that's is what it did all it did was bring trouble.

tone-well Kino was angry and relived Juana was scared and relived theme-greed , anger . relived , happines Motif-i think the book has a lot of stages to over come ans just be careful and calm. there so many up and downs thruring the story

the last chapter is importance is that it shows not to be greedy ans stay humble because stuff can get over controlle. at the end it change everyting because the pearl was gone so kino and his family can go back to how thinks were. the shift went from fear to relive in the end.


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