Cohen Campbell and Lucas Mitchell Period 6

The mud from the Nile river is a needed re-sous for building house in Egypt,the Nile river also provided the papyrus plant,witch was very important us because we can make it into paper.Also we control the Nile river with dames,canals, and levees.We can also use the Nile river to make clay pots and vases.

Agriculture is our main job,it was probably our most important job.Also the Nile flooding helps us with fertile land.Also Shaduf is a tool that we use to carry water to our fields it is a pole with a bucket on the end.during the Nile floods we don,t need to water our crops so we help build the pyramids.

One of our main meals in Egypt in onions and bred.The Nile river provides us fish for food too.If we were thirsty cows and goats will, provide us milk.We cook our food outside so our homes don,t heat up and fill with smoke.

King tut was our ruler.He was the youngest ruler we have ever had.His father was our resent ruler akhenaton .King tut died as a teen and din,t rule for long.He had birth defects and had a bad leg he could not walk well he ended up braking his leg.

in Egypt we have meany landmark here are some of our landmarks. The Nile river is one of meany landmarks it runs thru all of Egypt.Another landmark is the pyramid of Djoser witch is the oldest pyramid in Egypt.We build some of our landmarks like pyramids and obelisks,the tools we use are made out of bronze,basalt,and copper.

In Egypt we believe in meany gods this is called polytheism.One of the gods we believe in is Ra our god of the sun or just our sun god,he has a falcon for a head.Horus is our god of the air our the wind god.

Our fashion in Egypt was different from most,because we are in a very hot place.The men here wear linen shirts and pants,there shirts are normally short like the pants.We use a plant called flask to make our linen clothing.We have vary nice jewelry made out of lapis lazui and gold.

Here are some fun facts about Egypt. Egypt had some of the first naive solders.Also we had one of the fist empires. Regular people in Egypt lived in two story houses called town houses.If one of our pharaohs died we would put some of his internal organs in jars called canopic jars.

That is it thank you for come to Egypt with we hope to see you again one day bye.


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