Short Story By: Tatyana K.

In a dark misty graveyard there were four teenage boys Collin, Anthony, Zach, and Alex who were best friends. They heard a tale about a ghost, and they thought that it was all just a story to scare them.

One night, they decided to take a drive and see for themselves that very haunted tunnel they heard about. There was a talk that people would visit the tunnel just to test their courage, but it’s been said that those people that went in would never come out. The four boys didn’t believe in ghosts and laughed about others who were scared of such things, so they thought it would be fun to take a picture of themselves in the tunnel so they could show their friends.

That night there was no moon and no stars. The four boys set out at dusk in a car and drove up the pitch dark lonely mountain road. Eventually they reached the tunnel and parked outside. According to the tale, if you stood at the mouth of the tunnel and said “Ghost, ghost” - a ghost would appear. Together they stood in front of the tunnel, standing in front of the car's headlights yelled loud and clear, “Ghost, ghost!” and added, “Come out, come out, wherever you are!” and repeated it many times. They waited, but nothing happened.

“Just like I thought” said Anthony. “There’s no ghosts.”

“Yeah it’s just a stupid legend.” said Zach, trying not to show his fear.

“Come on, this is boring. Let’s take the picture and go home” said Collin.

The boys gathered at the mouth of the tunnel and left the camera on the hood of the car. The timer ran down and it took a photo. As they turned to get back into the car, they yelled “Goodbye ghosts!” They all climbed back into the car, however Zach didn’t start the car. The others waited for a few moments in silence, and grew impatient, “Hey, why aren’t we moving?” yelled Alex from the back seat. Zach didn’t respond. He just sat there. “Come on man, what’s wrong with you?” said all his friends. Zach turned slowly and faced his friends. His face was pale and small droplets of sweat were rolling down his cheeks.

“Guys...we’re friends right?” he said. His voice sounded shaky. “Of course we are.” answered the others.

“Best friends” “You guys would always stick by me, right?” he asked. “Sure we would,” they replied. “Through thick and thin.”

“If I was in some kind of trouble, you guys would never leave me...right?” he said.

“No way! Of course not!” “You have my word!” they said. “You can always rely on us.”

Zach smiled weakly and wiped his brow. There were tears in his eyes. In a faint whisper he said, “then...look at my feet…” The other boys exchanged puzzled glances and their eyes slowly moved down towards his feet. Two white ghostly hands were coming up through the floor of the car. The long, gnarled fingers were tightly gripping his ankles. For a few seconds, his friends were in shock! They started screaming in terror! Forgetting their promise to stick by their friend, the three scrambled to open car doors and fled as fast as their legs could carry them, leaving their friend alone in the car. The boys didn’t stop running until they came to the bottom of the hill. Stopping to catch their breath, the looked at each other with horrified faces! They felt bad that they left their friend, especially after promising they would always have his back. After a while, they cautiously made their way up the hill, and back to the entrance of the tunnel. The car was still sitting there, the headlights on, but Zach was gone. He had vanished. Anthony, Collin, and Alex walked over to the tunnel and started walking in. They got in and they noticed there were rocks falling behind them.

“Let’s get out of here, before we die!” said Anthony

“No, we need to save Zach!” said Alex.

Anthony ran out, before Collin could grab him, and “BOOM” all the rocks start falling and they start to cover the entrance. Collin and Alex start walking forward and noticed a dim light ahead of them. They started walking faster and faster until they were running, and finally they got to the light and they noticed it was just a candle and they knew Zach was in here somewhere. Alex started to say “Anthony was right, we gotta leave before we get taken by a ghost!” “CREEK...BOOM!” Some rocks behind them start to fall again, and Collin says “I think the ghosts know we are here, run!” They start to keep run and jump over dead skeletons from others that came to the tunnel and never came out.

Finally they get to a little room that had a candle and a note, they ran over, and started reading it. It said “I’m behind a cave, and I’m looking at you all times” They started to look around and Alex got a feeling that someone was watching him.

A while later, they get closer to the wall, and they see a little rock missing so they pick up a rock on the ground and they put it in the hole. Then a little door opens up and they walk in, and find a note. The note says “ You found me, come get Zach.” Alex and Collin look around and find Zach lying on the ground. They run to him and they pull him up and start walking away.

Later, they get to the entrance and they start pushing the rocks away, and they get a little hole open. They keep going and they finally get enough room to let someone crawl through the hole. Then the other two crawl out and Collin and Alex grab Zach and they get to the car. They get in and find Anthony still sitting there waiting, and he says “You all are still alive!” Alex starts the engine, and they leave the mountain as fast as he can. Alex is about a block away from his house, and “KABOOM!” Anthony looks back and sees the mountain fall apart, with the tunnel closed up. Alex goes faster and finally they get to his house. They all got out, and they walk in the house, but nobody was home. But there was a note on the counter, that says “I’m not a ghost, only a messenger with a secret.

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