The Civil war terms/slang

Old scratch-The devil

Sow belly-bacon


Looks like were eating money tonight again


Rag out-dress well


Muggins-a scoundrel

Gun boats-army shoes

Top rail-first class

opining the ball-begin the battle of the battle

Grab a root-eating


Created with images by Tim Green aka atoach - "The Devil is in the Detail" • bradleygee - "3.2.13 #fmsphotoaday I Made This" • free pictures of money - "Money" • isakarakus - "aggressive aggressive child child" • YourCastlesDecor - "Pretty Ladies" • quapan - "Diogenes illuminating Jean-Paul Marat escaping from his underground-asylum {_Engraving @ Louis Villeneuve in the year I {1793})_}" • Kaz - "boots army boots army" • Alan Light - "First Class United 777" • Paul J Everett - "Cival War Reenactment Conner Prairie" • miss pupik - "burger eating contest"

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