December News from Bread and Water for Africa® A tractor for Sierra Leone, thank you to our supporters, and more!

This month, our partner in Sierra Leone, the Rural Youth Development Organization of Sierra Leone, will soon have a new farm tractor to increase agricultural productivity. In Uganda, tens of thousands of children are enjoying books distributed to their schools. And with the end of the year fast approaching, we want to take this opportunity to thank those who made possible what we did this year for tens of thousands, and hope you will support our programs in the coming year.

Tractor and More on the Way to Sierra Leone Thanks to the Royer Family Foundation

The Rural Youth Development Organization of Sierra Leone (RYDO-SL) was established in 1996 “to transform and revitalize the lives of the marginalized and oppressed populations in the communities” of the impoverished country in several ways, including agriculture.

Its agricultural-related programs include food and economic crop production but to do that on a large scale requires modern farming equipment such as tractors, a capital expense that RYDO-SL simply cannot afford despite the long-range benefits.

But thanks to our partners Arms Around Africa and the Royer Family Charitable Foundation, particularly Kenneth Royer and Steve Herman, a Ford Powerstar SL 7740, 12-speed, row-crop tractor and accessories, is on the way to Sierra Leone, along with four plows disks, thrasher, hummer mills, drying floor, and other farming equipment.

The Royer Family Charitable Foundation strives to provide support for basic needs of life and health while encouraging long-term self-sufficiency. This aligns directly with our goals and through our shared mission of delivering a tractor to RYDO-SL, both of those objectives are being met.

Tens of Thousands Ugandan Students Benefiting from Recent Shipment of Books to Schools

Education is one of the primary areas of our partner, Bega kwa Bega's (BkB) work in Uganda.

Bega kwa Bega means “Shoulder to Shoulder" in Kiswahili, and that is exactly what Bread and Water for Africa®, BkB and BFA have been doing for the past two years. Together, we provided more than 22,000 books to 177 schools benefiting 54,878 students and 2,297 teachers – and that is in 2019 alone.

But BkB does more than simply give out books. The organization conducts periodic free Teacher Development Workshops where teachers from the rural schools attend workshops where they are provided instructions on how to use the books and include them in their lesson plans.

“Thank you so much, this project could not have been done without your help and support,” said BkB founder and director Conche McGarr. “Special thanks to the management, staff and supporters of Bread and Water for Africa®, Books for Africa and Bega kwa Bega for their help and consideration.”

Thank You to the Supporters of Bread and Water for Africa® for a Successful 2019 and a Bright 2020

As one can see in our 2019 Annual Report, thanks to the supporters of Bread and Water for Africa® we were able to accomplish much in the past year. This includes providing loving homes for hundreds of orphaned and abandoned children in Kenya, Zimbabwe and Zambia, and educations for thousands more.

This past year, we have made fresh, safe and clean drinking water available for thousands by digging wells in Cameroon, Ethiopia and Sierra Leone, sparing them the risk of serious illness, or even death, from drinking from contaminated sources.

In Ethiopia, Cameroon and Sierra Leone, our medical services program has provided medical equipment and supplies to hospitals and clinics which treated more than 100,000 patients alone in the last year. 2019 also marked a milestone for Bread and Water for Africa® upon the completion of a hospital in Cameroon operated by our partner there, Hope Services.

None of these accomplishments would have been possible without the generosity of our compassionate supporters. We have equally big plans projected for 2020 and we hope you will join with us as we continue our mission of improving the lives of thousands of Africans, especially children, every year.

And just a friendly reminder - there’s still time to make a tax-deductible, charitable donation if you make your gift by December 31.