Faculty Show Minot State University Art Faculty

Minot State's art faculty are not only dedicated teachers but are also artists with a vital studio practice.

The biennial faculty exhibit offers an opportunity for MSU's art faculty to share recent work with students and the larger community.

Micah Bloom's sculptures and installations are made with scrap wood and harness an optical effect known as radiosity. The painted white scraps create a faint glow on the wall and are part of an exploration titled “Spectrum series.”

Micah's fascinating pieces were a hit with viewers as they tried to understand how he achieved the colored glow from behind the blocks of wood.

Sometimes faculty have opportunities to take classes and work alongside their students. Doug Pfliger created this lovely hand-made accordion book for the Paper Works course this spring.

The influence of the Paper Works course can be seen in Professor Linda Olson's work as well in these origami orbs.

Linda also entered a unique accordion book encased in one of her ceramic vessels.
A cairn or wayfinder, rocks from her mother's home, and illustrations inspired by Linda's longstanding interest in rock arts fill the interior space.

Behind Linda Olson's baskets, MSU's Art Historian, Andrea Donovan shared 3 of her recent landscape paintings.

Ryan Stander's piece, "There But For the Grace of God Goes John Bradford" is an accordion book of lithographed mugshots on frosted plexiglass. Seen from one side the figures appear in white and gold on the other.

Pulling from his other work with anonymous vernacular photographs, Stander included another accordion book.

Bill Harbort's mixed media assemblage titled "Passing Through Spirit Lake" celebrates the history and life continuum of the people of the Spirit Lake Nation, the Mni Wakan Oyate. The piece measures 92"H x 18'L and was commissioned by Cankdeska Cikana Community College.

Avis Veikley, the director of the Northwest Arts Center, is working on a series of North Dakota landscapes for an upcoming exhibit.

In the foreground hangs one of Avis' landscapes. In the back ground hang 2 of Greg Vettel's screen prints.

About his two screenprints, Greg Vettel says, "The integration of technology into everyday life over the last decade and a half is profoundly changing human relationships in both negative and positive ways. This is being experienced on a global level, a societal level, and so forth on down to the most primary of social relationships—the family unit."

Ryan Stander said that he loves the faculty show because he can experiment beyond the normal range of his work. His "Suite of Influence" was inspired by his college printmaking professor, John Kaericher, who died last summer. The objects were from his studio and arranged as an homage to his influence. Each piece is individually titled in the suite (L to R - Weapons of Mass Construction, Bouquet, and Deliberate Evasions).
L to R: Avis Veikley, Doug Pfliger, Greg Vettel, Micah Bloom, Ryan Stander, Bill Harbort, Linda Olson

The faculty exhibit runs March 6-April 6, 2018 in the new Walter Piehl Gallery at the Northwest Arts Center in the basement of the Gordon B. Olson Library.


Micah Bloom, Ryan Stander

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