Yukon textures fine art Photography prints, Philomena Carroll

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For eight years I lived at the edge of a small farm, a half hours drive north of Whitehorse, Yukon, along the North Klondike Highway.

I was surrounded by seasonal earth textures, always growing and dying back. I came to see my camera as a sketchbook and realized each image is the first sentence of a conversation.

The textures and light of the Yukon

Final prints are a moment among image layers where shutter, light, texture and vision come together.

No print is truly final, there's always more to the story, another layer.

distilled from light

In the drying blotches, stains and overlaps I realized there were other ways to understand what landscapes could be that, what mark making could describe and re-imagine as multi layered and abstract, taking an image beyond the camera.

Harsh mid-day sunlight against the cabin wood siding became shadow play as the wind tussled last years dried Fire-weed and the long summer grass.
. Summer blue birds splash a blaze of blue across fence posts. Horse hair sketches elegant sculptural dancing lines across field wire and wind. Winter snow drifts reveal and partially conceal dried summer grasses
Layer by layer each final print should hold an impression of all the presences that lie within its creative path
Summer and winter dried grasses, elegant, sculptural shapes and lines.
Gooseberry leaf


steeped in imagination, alive with texture


Created By
Philomena Carroll


All Copyrights for images, artwork retained by the artist Philomena Carroll 2018.

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