The Divine Laura Cordero

The Social Experience

I attended the play with my roommates and some friends. To get ready for the play, my roommates and I decided what to wear together to guarantee that we are dressed appropriately for the play. After I was done getting ready, I read over the description of the play and of the assignment to ensure that I was prepared and to get a general understanding of the plot. My roommates and I carpooled to Constans Theatre. Going to the play with friends really enhanced the experience because we were able to discuss the play during the intermission and reflect on the play. Shared experiences are important aspect of the good life because it creates a connection between people. This connection made me feel less alone while at the play, enhancing this experience.

The Spatial Experience

The Constans theater isn’t too large in size which allows the audience feel more connected to the characters in the play. This was also enhanced by the interaction between the characters and the audience, as they walked through the seats during the play and even made eye contact with some people. My friends and I sat near each other to enjoy each others company. We were placed in seats higher up and to the right side, which I thought was good because it allowed us to see everything. Despite this, we weren’t allowed to pick our seats and I think we would’ve had a better experience if we were able to pick the seats in the middle. Before the play commenced, everyone in the audience was conversing with their neighbors, and when the lights dimmed everyone quieted down for the play and you can sense the excitement in the audience. Place and atmosphere play a significant role in the good life because no one likes to be in a ambiance where they feel uncomfortable or that they don’t like.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

I would consider the overall idea would be to not be afraid to be different because throughout the play we witness how different characters defy what is expected of them. I think the play also highlights how sometimes when you think you are having a bad day, there is always someone that is having a tougher time. For instance, in the play the actress thought she was having a difficult time because her play wasn't selling but she wasn't aware of the working conditions of the people who worked to make her shoes. Overall, to not take things for granted. In a more specific scope, I think the issue addressed in the play is the bad working conditions in many factories. Although this play takes time many years ago, I think it can also be related to today because there are some places that don't have good working conditions but not to the extreme that is seen in the play. This issue can also be connected to some of the changes that might take place due to the new election.

The Emotional Experience

The play examines the working class and the struggles they experience, but through these hardships the play also portrays to not focus on the little things because you lose sight of the important things. The working class and struggles of the work place can be considered a radical topic because although many people are aware that there are issues present, those aren't issues that want to be addressed. The play also creates a connection between the audience and the characters, more specifically the young kid that worked in the factory. The mother was so focused on the education of her other son that she lost sense of the health of her other son, who died in the work place. Creating this connection and then destroying it by killing of the character leaves a bigger impact and emphasizes the importance of the issue being presented.


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