Murals of endangered species scatter throughout downtown Westport photostory by: Brooke dembin '22

The Artists Collective of Westport created a fascinating art project located on the walls of Bedford Square in downtown Westport. Their project, "Vanishing Species/ Vanishing Murals," features temporary murals of endangered species created by Susan Fehlinger, Jana Ireijo, Day Moore and Dale Najarian. Each mural will vanish, representing the vanishing of each endangered animal.

These murals were created this past week and will take a couple of months before they completely vanish. The murals were made with non-permanent materials such as charcoal that was forged in the heat of destructive wildfires as well as non-toxic chalk. The murals allow the audience to get a better understanding of how fragile life is the importance of being more appreciative and respectful of the world around us.

Photo by: Brooke Dembin

This mural, which was created by Susan Fehlinger, is representative of a Monarch Butterfly from North America. These butterflies are now endangered because pesticide use has been destroying milkweed which is crucial to their survival, and climate change has impacted weather events which affect the monarch population.

Photo by: Brooke Dembin

Dale Najarian made this large mural of a Giant Panda whose population is in danger. Not only is their primary food source, bamboo, decreasing, but they're facing many threats caused by humans including human settlement, agriculture and ranching.

Photo by: Brooke Dembin

The koala mural was created by Jana Ireijo, and has already started to fade from the rain. The koala population is declining due to habitat destruction, bushfires and food degradation.

Photo by:Brooke Dembin

This mural features a North Atlantic Right Whale which was created by Day Moore. This is one of the most endangered large whales and can be found along the Atlantic coast of North America. Some threats that these whales face are entanglement in fishing and food source scarcity.

All of these murals showcasing endangered species will soon vanish potentially like these animal's populations. It's important for people to respect the environment and its surroundings in order to keep all living things safe and to allow them to thrive in their habitat. There are many conservation efforts that have been made and are still being made in order to save these animals, so you can do your part by helping contribute to them.


Created with an image by Daniel o'dowd - "untitled image"