Nathan Sawaya Gabe Guignard

Nathan Sawaya was born in Colville, Washington and was raised in Veneta, Oregon. He attended collage at is New York University. He now lives between his studio in Los Angeles and his studio in New York. Sawaya is an award-winning artist who creates beautiful and playful life-sized artwork out of Lego bricks. His work is both imaginative and painstakingly created. He uses Legos as a unique medium that has broken records around the world. He is the author of two best-selling books. Sawaya has been recognized and received numerous awards. His previous occupation was a corporate lawyer in New York City. He believes that "art is not optional" and in 2014 founded The Art Revolution Foundation to increase art as a priority in our schools and at home. His artwork catches the eye of both pop culture novices and art critics alike. His artwork is life-sized with deep metaphorical meanings.

1. My artwork looks a head with little figures climbing out of it. The subject is history. The title is Head of History. Some obvious elements is the white head contrasting with the colorful figures.

2. My artwork is made from Legos. I used Legos to stack up bricks to make the head. he head more or less life-sized, while the mini figures are micro sized.

3. My work expresses American history, and how we should remember our American heritage and its history.

4. I want to use a smaller sized medium to create a larger sized project. I found that using Legos as my medium helped a lot.

5. I like how my project turned out. I made some small changes from my original idea, such as a 3D nose and ears.


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