How do humans Affect climate change in the Artic? How to stop human affect on climate change

Human affect on climate on the artic two reasons are pollution and oil spills.In the article humans have polluted the artic with trash like plastic bags, cans,and fishing lines.

In the article humans have polluted the artic with trash like plastic bags,cans,and fishing lines.Leaving fishing nets,plastic, lines,hooks.In theatric that leads to loss of life by birds,fish,and marine mammals.The trash is killing animals because animals are eating the trash and it is killing them.This is important. because parts of the artic will be polluted and then the animal population will be low.The pollution will kill the animals.

In the article it talked about how people affect the tungra . People affect thetungara by touresim with accompanying ships and aircraft the possibility of oil ships and the effects of lot,s of people and infastureon wildlife and marine mammal.


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