Hydra's Fertilizer Company By: Owen Bricker

So imagine it is summer and you need to grow some fruit, crops, or whatever you need. If this is you, you need to come on down to York PA, and come to take a look at my fertilizer. My product is made for different climate zones so wherever you are, you can use this stuff. Just buy a little bottle and you'll be successful. The unique thing about my fertilizer is it grows twice the amount of what you plant!
So let me introduce myself. My name is Hydra and I am a Greek monster who lives off the coast of Lerna. I am known for not only my nine heads but the way they grow back. I have been challenged by some real heroes and they figured they would kill me if they cut off my head. Wrong! If my head gets cut off, I grow two back. So I decided to help you guys out by using my skill to help you guys grow some crops. My parents are Ekhidna and Typhon and they mass produce bottles for me to put my fertilizer in in California.
These are some different forms of my fertilizer. I use some special classified ingredients in this that I keep a secret for the sake of my business. If you want to try and make these though, you cannot use fire because last time there was fire near my head once it was cut off, I couldn't grow it back. The red is for hot climates, the yellow is for temperate climates, and the blues is for cold climates.
This is where my old man and my mom make the jars for my fertilizer. Then they send it overseas. Don't tell them I said this but they don't really do much. They just advise that the people are doing what they have too.
So in the end do you want your garden to look like this, or like this. If you want it to be full and produce well, c'mon down to my little shop in York PA.


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