The Adobe Credential Program is Evolving Its Brand August 2020

Rebranding Effort Reinforces "One Adobe"

Starting August 17, Adobe credential holders will see changes to their Adobe, Marketo, and Magento credential names and digital badges. With the integration of the Marketo Certification Program and the Magento Certification Program into the Adobe Credential Program we are now, truly, One Adobe!

In addition, Adobe recently evolved our brand to ensure our portfolio, and those certified to work on our portfolio, continue to be easy for our customers to identify. This evolution is now reflected in the new Adobe Credential Program badges and logos.

See details below.

New Adobe Credential Badge Changes

Magento and Marketo Name Changes

Marketo Credential Changes

Marketo Exam Changes

Magento Credential Changes

Magento Exam Changes

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my current Marketo/Magento credential still be valid after the name change?

A: Yes. However you will be issued a new digital badge reflecting the new credential name and logo.

Q: Will I be required to retake my exam?

A: No, you will not be required to retake any exam due to its name being changed. This credential name change will happen automatically.

Q: If I have already shared my digital badge to my profile under the previous name and brand, will I be required to re-share my badge again?

A: If you have already shared your badge to your profile, you just need to update the name of your credential. To do so, you can simply Edit the certificate details by clicking the pencil icon when you hover over the entry. The link will still direct back to Acclaim for real-time verification.

Q: What do I do to ensure my digital badge is updated on LinkedIn?

Linkedin Newsfeed: Go ahead and share your updated credential on your Newsfeed for your whole network to see! If you've already shared your credential on your Feed, the badge image will refresh within a week's time. If you'd rather not wait - there's no harm in sharing your badge again.

Linkedin Profile: Adding your credential to your Profile makes your accomplishment a permanent part of your online resume. Your achievement will populate within the License & Credential section of your profile. The badge image doesn't display in the Accomplishments section of the profile as Linkedin displays Adobe's logo there instead. You can click the "See certificate" button to verify badge details on Acclaim.


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