5 Themes of Geo Rogers MN By: Chris Rooney

Location: My house is near the cities Elk River, Monticello, and Maple Grove. It is also near the Rogers water tower and Hassan Elementary School. The coordinates are 45°12′N 93°34′W.

Place: The population of Rogers is 11,197. It is near the crow river. Rogers has hot summers and cold winters. The elevation is 961 ft. It is 8.16 square miles and 0.11 square miles of water. It is in the Central time zone. Rogers is a northwest suburb of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area. The city has grown a lot in the past few years.

Human/ Environment Interaction: One way people in Rogers negatively impact the environment is by cutting down trees to build new buildings. People also use to many chemicals on their lawns which negatively impacts the environment. One way people in Rogers positively impact the environment is by planting new trees. People also recycle often which positively impacts the environment.

Movement: Most people in Rogers travel by car, bicycle, or just plain walking. There is a Post Office and FedEx which transport goods. The major roads that go though are I-94, 81, and 101 which move many people through Rogers. People communicate ideas through many ways such as social media, radio, and tv.

Regions: My house is in Hennepin County, Rogers MN. It is a northwest suburb of the St. Paul-Minneapolis metropolitan area. Minnesota is in the midwest region of the U.S. which is in North America.

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