FETC 2017 Highlights Quotes Curated by Mitch Weisburgh @weisburghm

If your school is like a jail, what type of future do you think you are preparing your students for? - Eric Sheninger
Learn to use technology or be replaced by it. - Beatriz Arnillas
"Predictive analytics can be used to send the right message to the right student at the right time to keep the student engaged and on track." -Gregory Nathaniel Katz
If you're going to successfully implement school or district change that involves technology, there are 8 areas that need coordination: curriculum, instruction, assessment, organization development, infrastructure, policy, budget, and community communication. -Robert Dillon
We all want to create districts where parents want to send their children, students want to learn, teachers want to teach, and employees want to work. -Tom Ingram
"A report card is only a rear view mirror. We need to look at the road ahead. We need to identify possible failures while there is still time to correct. Good educators have always personalized instruction, but for only a few students at a time. The right technology gives good educators the ability to do that for all their students." -Cliff Lloyd
All kids are full of potential. It's the external factors that limit that. The real promise of tech is to remove and minimize those restraints. -Margo Day
Schools can't prepare kids for jobs that don't even exist yet. Schools have to operate as a team to develop the underlying skills that allow for adaptability, creative problem solving, and collaboration. Why are we testing the ability to memorize capitals of Hispanic countries, when what we want is students who are culturally savvy and can carry on a conversation in Spanish? -Jaime Casap
If we want the results we say we want, we are asking educators to make a pedagogical shift, not just deploy tech to do what they are already doing. -Ann McMullan
I don't want PDFs... I want e-resources that are interactive and engaging and that do things print can't do. -Carla Wade
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