Movie Rewiew. "A walk to remember.

Setting: Time: Was in 2002, January 25, 2002. Place: United States.
Summary of movie: The movie is about one boy called Landon Carter and one girl called Jamie. They both meet before, but they were never talk each other because Jamie was a intelligent girl. Everybody laugh about her because her vestment was not really good, but she felt comfortable with that clothes. The Principle punishment Landon, to be in the play of the school. He can't learn his lines and he start going out with Jamie. She fall in love with Jamie and in one day she was unfocused in a date, she told him in a date that she has Leukemia.
Who is my favorite character and why? My favorite character was Jamie because she was a good girl, who doesn't care about others opinions and she is focused to her study.
Did i like this movie? Why or why not? Yes, i really like this movie because you learn to appraise things that you maybe don't like, but they are good anyways.
Who would i recommend this movie to and why? I recommend this movie to my friends, because they can leave like without worrying about bad things that are happening to them in this live, and to enjoy the moments that god give to them.


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