My First Cake Ever "Success dosen't come to you , you go to it" - marva collins

One day, I want to eat sweets and asked my mom to do for us chocolate cake she refused and said if you wanna eat sweets doing by your self .

Making mess

So I went into the kitchen and began to prepare the way chocolate cake

Waiting ! Tik Tok
I was worried and ask Mama Do time is up? how much time left?

And she told me, try to flush the Cake bake tranquility if it did not come out anything from him.

I did this way and I am worried the oven and knife so I expect it ended but did not end

I took out the cakes, and I did the test in wrong way. Eventually, it was nor chocolate cake, it is Soufflé cake.I missedup the test because I was worried from the oven and the knife, and I expected it finished.

Ignore the look , taste it.
Next time, i want to do Soufflé cake but suddenly it became a real cake this time.
Another time
When an experiment became an experience
As a Magical cake.
Happy face cup cake

Began when I was 7 years. My father was a wonderful cooker and baker. The first thing I learned basic sponge vanilla cake.

I have always loved making cakes. Since I was a little girl.

When my father used to bake I was there to watch admired and hope to taste the dough left on the wooden spoon! It‘s something that has always relaxed me.

The satisfaction of eating something made only with your hands …

I learned from my mistakes and become expert, and every fall lead us to go up again.

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