Snow Ridge Resort has a rich history in Lewis County, NY, and has recently turned the page to the next chapter of its story. Nick Mir and Cyndy Sisto, the new owners of Snow Ridge Resort in Turin, NY, have dedicated most of their lives to the skiing & snowboarding industry. With the purchase of Snow Ridge, they continue to look forward towards growth, prosperity, and to give back to the community. Through hard work and dedication, these two have started to create a skiing and snowboarding destination right in our backyard, while having a little "fun" along the way.

Snow Ridge Resort, Turin, NY

NUMBER OF YEARS IN OPERATION: 71 years in operation, 2nd year for Nick and Cyndy

NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: Approximately 50 during peak season

DESCRIBE YOUR SUCCESS STORY. Snow Ridge has been a staple of Lewis County since it was founded back in 1945. The area's natural snowfall has given the Ridge an exceptional reputation throughout the industry, offering up some of the best snow in the world to skiers and snowboarders. Cyndy and I have over 45 years of combined experience in the ski industry, working at resorts in New York, Colorado, and Oregon. We were fortunate enough to acquire the business last season, and we're overwhelmed with its potential.

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO DO BUSINESS IN LEWIS COUNTY? We fell in love with Snow Ridge and the surrounding area from the first visit we made a couple of years ago. Obviously, the Tug Hill's famous snowfall was a huge draw for us as well. Through speaking with a number of people about the business and Lewis County, it became clear that they really loved it here and they were proud of where they came from. After living here for just over a year now, it's easy to see why!

WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF DOING BUSINESS HERE? One of our biggest advantages is the lake effect snow. We are in a very unique and fortuitous situation as a business that relies 100% on snow. We do still need to make snow, as almost every other ski area in the northeast does, but our natural snowfall reduces that need greatly. Another huge advantage is our neighbors. The people of Lewis County have been nothing but kind and encouraging throughout our first year at the resort.

"The people of Lewis County have been nothing but kind and encouraging throughout our first year here at the resort" -Nick Mir, Owner, Snow Ridge

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO SOMEONE STARTING A BUSINESS IN LEWIS COUNTY, NY? Just like starting a business anywhere, it's going to take time. We've had to learn to be patient, optimistic, and just keep moving forward. Our location has both helped and hurt us on many occasions, but that's just one of the challenges of owning a business in the North Country.

HOW HAS LEWIS COUNTY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT/IDA HELPED OF MADE AN IMPACT ON YOUR BUSINESS? The IDA played a major role in our acquisition of Snow Ridge. They were the contact we needed to really get the ball rolling and they ended up extending us financing to help finalize the deal. Without their help, it's very likely that Cyndy and I would not be here today!

Cyndy Sisto & Nick Mir, Owners, Snow Ridge Ski Resort

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