John Adams emily dills

Impressment of U.S soldiers

When tensions between Britain and France occurred American soldiers were expected and forced to fight the British.

XYZ Affair

American delegates wanted to speak to the french for peace negotiation but French officials wanted a quarter of a million dollars to start any talking between the countries.

Quasi War

Never an official declaration of war but American and French warships attacked each other. The cause was the XYZ affair. Napoleon signed an agreement to end it.

Alien and Sedition Acts

These acts allowed the President to deport any "aliens" who could be dangerous to the country. It also made said aliens have to wait 14 years to become a citizen.

Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions

Inforced the compact theory, that states could declare a federal law unconstitutional or nullify it if it overreached the national government's power. Was a response to the alien and sedition act.

Fries Rebellion

An armed tax revolt by Dutch Farmers who greatly opposed the heavy tax they were facing.

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