At Faludden in southern Gotland in Denmark stands an old mill, where Maria and her sister have a shared place to shelter in the midst of nature.

When we are at the mill, we are completely at the mercy of the weather. When it is windy, it is very windy. When it rains, it pours down. When the sun shines, it becomes incredibly hot. The silence is also striking. Birds and the odd cow accompany the wind from time to time. The mill at Faludden is the best place to be. We play games and cook food, go to the water and swim. There is no electricity installed in the mill, no mobile phone coverage and no running water. You get to know each other in a way that is different and closer. It becomes a break from modern life and everyone loves it. Not least our children.

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A design must have the material and a way of working with that material as its point of departure. To Anders Brøgger this is how the design – and the shape of each component – takes its starting point in the unique characteristics and production techniques of the material.

He was born in Hyllested in the east Jutland, Denmark and studied architecture at the School of Architecture at the Copenhagen Academy of Fine Arts. First and foremost he is detail-oriented, and it is handicraft that represents his greatest source of inspiration. Anders Brøgger is passionate about design and the art of furniture making. Here form and choice of material form a harmonious whole, so that the design appears to be easy to grasp and the functionality becomes intuitive. He prefers to work with wood, ash to be precise, and his favourite spot is the Marble Church in Copenhagen, Denmark. Here, in the midst of the infinite richness of detail in the old church, are a host of details to examine and sensory impressions for the young designer to explore. And then there are plenty of opportunities of dreaming of a future as a furniture designer.


Skagerak’s new Hven series consisting of armchairs and tables was designed to make you invite your family and friends over a little more often. Build with high comfort, a light and simple expression and from FSC-certified wood, Hven is a long-term minded series with regard to aesthetics, functionality and environment.

A first look at the new HVEN series.

In Öresund, a narrow strait separating Denmark and Sweden, the island of Hven shoots up from the sea with its beautiful and steep shoreline, peculiar nature and rich history of cultivation and scientific achievements. Hven once belonged to the Danish Kingdom, but has now been Swedish soil for more than 350 years. Today, the Island has become a cultural and recreational hub, connecting the Danes and the Swedes across the strait.

“When you invite your friends over for dinner for example, you want to make sure they sit comfortably, that there is enough space for everyone, and that your house seems welcoming. The new Hven Series ensures all these things.”

EDGE where raw meets refined.
A simple nordic expression

The new Edge tea set and vase in burned-red terracotta combines an ancient craftsmanship with a modern understanding of interior design. The result is a stunning meeting between the raw and the refined – poised between Nordic simplicity and Greek-Egyptian elegance.

Edge tea set is for everyday life as much as it is for festive and special occasions. It consists of a wide range of elements, counting everything from cups and mugs to a sugar bowl, a jug and – last but not least – a teapot. Similar to the Edge Vase, the components in the new charming tableware are all carrying the raw and red-burned look on the outside while the inner surface has been glazed, making it easier to clean. Except from the teapot and the sugar bowl, the tea set goes perfectly fine in the dishwasher.

The play between the raw and the refined is underlined with the addition of elements made from other materials. Edge sugar bowl has its small handle made from a composition of teak and brass. On the teapot, the overall handle in teak is fastened with small shiny brass bolts, and the small lid has a brass-teak handle similar to the sugar bowl.

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