It's Only The Beginning By: Kennesha McClaney

I Miss You Letter

Is SJSU Safe?

In the above video, I interviewed three individuals and I wanted know their opinion about if they felt safe on San Jose State University campus.

The Working Poor/Class

The story above is about Linda Mota, a San Jose State student who struggles providing for herself by working multiple jobs while still being a full-time student.

Erin Vokey: Game Changer

Erin Vokey, 36-year-old who not only touch the hearts of the children in need but with the community itself. Erin Vokey has been a part of Community United, a non-profit organization committed to creating opportunities for at-risk youth for four years and has been volunteering at Starbird Youth Center for the past two years. According to Erin, "Starbird Community Center is basically an after school program where not only can the children be safe off the streets, but it also provides a safe haven where children can come to learn and work on homework".

Erin isn't like your average women. When she first started volunteering at the Youth Center, she tested the kids to get a better idea of how far along they were with English and quickly realized all the them struggled with literacy. "One little girl didn't even know the alphabet, so I decided that there needed to be a change and I created the literacy program within the Youth Center". Within months, the children dramatically changed and you can see that the kids were excited to learn again because someone finally took the time to work with them on a personal level. Most of the kids at the center are very bright, but with their own struggles in life, they turn to drugs and gangs so the center provides this second chance where they can be kids, but also give them the tools to be a good citizen in their community. Erin touched the hearts of the children and with her help, a few of them even accomplished goals like getting a stable job or having the chance to go to college with her help. Erin wants nothing but to provide a chance for the children to reach their full potential.


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