Imagine making many different things all from one base product. Endo-Structures allow for a wide range of building possibilities from drones to buildings, even vehicle framing and suspensions.


180lbs. man on a 2'x3/4" structure

Building elements with enhanced load bearing capacity per unit mass. Initiating from a central core outward through strips of structural mass. Additives of HD foam, winding and other fillers can be added to alter structural characteristics and performance, while leaving area open to connect without having to compromise the structure from drilling holes or creating threads.

EndoStructures are the beginnings to Smart Structures with the ability to communicate through internal features.

Cross-sectional and longitudinal geometry allow for maximum surface area and minimal cross-sectional mass to half. In other words, imagine the inside Y and outside O of the Mercedes emblem 1/2O=Y Cross-section that can outperform tubular properties with half the mass. Value added materials and other features like Structural Circuit Boards will help lead the path to smart Structural technology during our 4th Industrial Revolution enabling Society to create productivity and flexibility to manufacturing with an added personal touch of customization.

Reconfigurable future of structural technology behind automobiles, infrastructure, and automation. Metal tubes and I-beams have carried previous industrial revolutions through their one-time configured lifespan. EndoStructures offer additional joining and fastening systems that allows creativity and adjustments to happen throughout the building process, not only during design processes. It has flexibility to alter and replace existing parts using multiple, replaceable and reusable fasteners opposed to one single large permanent fastener capable of catastrophic failure. This allows for massive savings and much greater productivity.

So many uses...

Endo-Structures combine metal and plastic performance with higher impact tolerance, low fatigue and minimal mass benefits. Imagine the difference between the structure of a exoskeletal Crab and an endoskeletal Fox the endoskeletal frame is enhanced to distribute force and load throughout for higher performance characteristics. YXO's first weave test shows to over double the performance and shift its rigidity before buckle initiation when a warning strain can be observed. More recent tests are showing a 10X Performance Capability Per unit mass should be possible once our Finite Element Engineering capabilities are fully mechanized.

Don't you think he would like the INCREDIBLE STRENGTH-to-WEIGHT ratio for his Prothesis?


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