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BEACONS - leveraged by the mobile app to provide responders and administrators detailed indoor location of all users


Our software is a mobile safety platform that connects individuals, organizations, and official responders into a trusted community of safety.

Quickly and Discreetly Report Emergencies You can report an emergency quickly by pressing the red button to on-site responders and then discreetly share any additional emergency information through a text, photo, video, or recording.
Crowdsource Content Punch Alert provides two-way communication during an emergency allowing all users to be involved and informed. Crowdsourcing content provides responders diverse information needed to aid in the resolution of an emergency.
Post Tips It‘s all about keeping users safe and informed! Punch Alert users will be able to quickly report a safety concern -“Tip” – through a Blue button and view other reported tips.
Mobile Emergency Management Punch Alert allows local and official responders to manage an emergency in a coordinated and efficient manner from the time the emergency is received until it is resolved.
Real Time Location Tracking When you report an emergency, your location is sent to responders providing connected campuses and organizations real-time location tracking at the time of the emergency, for the duration of the emergency, and ending when emergency is resolved.
Rapid Response Reducing the response time saves lives. Through location awareness and mass communication, Punch Alert works to bring about reduction of response time and quicker resolution of the reported emergency.


Hardware - BeaconGrid

There are Beacons then there are BeaconGrid Beacons

ASSET TRACKING - Presence Get notified when items leave a particular floor or room. Track anything like keys, computers, projectors, uniforms, badges. AI-Assisted RTLS Solution To Monitor Movement And Presence Within Your Building. Get alerts when an asset enters or leaves a defined zone. Monitor room occupancy in real time. Predictive accuracy using our machine learning algorithms
PROXIMITY MARKETING Engage Send targeted proximity notifications to users' phones — with or without an app. Send Presence-Triggered Messages With Or Without An App. Way Send real-time or scheduled push notifications Manage geofences, beacons and places. Get detailed analytics
BEACON FLEET MANAGEMENT Manage Remotely monitor and configure one or one thousand beacon sensors — from anywhere on the planet. Never worry about dead batteries. Manage One Or One-Thousand Beacons Remotely No app or SDK needed. Auto roll your UUIDs to secure your beacon signals. Easily duplicate settings across hundreds of beacons. Rest easy with beacon status alerts via text or emails.
IOT INTELLIGENCE Density Get actionable data regarding the types of IoT devices in your venue. Do you know what types of devices are in you venue? With BeaconGrid Density, you will. Density works by anonymously identifying the types of devices in your physical space, over a defined period or time. Using this data, organizations can understand occupancy flow, types of devices, (Apple vs Google), and other business intelligence data. Density is best deployed at: Restaurants & coffee shops Enterprise office buildings Sports venues Shopping malls

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