Appreciation Done by: Saidah

Appreciating the greenery and fresh air for keeping fit in the Parks. Every morning, children's will go to school on weekdays. Some of the school in Singapore are near to the Parks. We will sometimes see adult in the park jogging or exercising with fresh air.

Appreciating great Teachers and friends in school. We must appreciate the teachers especially, because they try their best over the weekends or holidays to make their lesson fun and entertaining. Friends can understand your situation Everyday and make your situation Everyday and make your day happy. Even though sometimes we might fight.

Appreciating aunties and uncles stalls in school. Different stall have different cultured food. Malay, Indian, Chinese and Westerns. We will eat and taste different kind of food.

Appreciating air-conditioned classrooms. As some of us will be merging next year with Pierce Secondary, our principle were so kind that they provide us a classroom with air-conditioned for all cohorts

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Saidah Said

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