Alfie.w and max RomuluS And remus


Along time ago there lived a king who lived in italy.

He had a yonger brother called numitor and he was jelous so they had a fight and whoever won would become king.The youger brother won because he was jealous he killed his neafus aswell.

King numitor dident kill his niece rhea who was told to not have babies but she dident listen and fell in love with the god of mars the roman god of war and had babies.

The king was woried so he wanted to kill them but he was scared of the god of mars so he decidide to chuck them in the river tiber, so he asked one of his servants to go do it, his servant felt sorry so he grabbed a basket and let the river take them he hoped someone would see them.

One hour later a she wolf found them and took them home also a wood pekker helped them find food.

Two days later a shepard saw the she wolf with the babies and rescued them and took them home to his wife, they called them romulus and remus.

One day romulus and remus were herding the sheep when two of the kings shepards appeared.They wanted a fight so romulus and remus agreed they ended up capturing remus.then romulus started to build up a army of people and broke romulus out also romulus killed the king.

The people of alba longa decided for them to be joint kings but romulus and remus wanted to build their own city so they went to mount palatine and mount avetine.

Romulus and Remus disagreed on which mounting they should choose Romulus wanted palatine hill but Remus wanted avetine hill they ended up letting the gods decide.Remus said Romulus's hill had 12 but he claimed that it was double. Romulus started building it on palatine then Remus started making fun of him so they had a fight and Romulus won.

Romulus built rome on april the 21st 753BC and had a army of 3,300 men and were said to rule for hundread years.

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