BLOCKWALLS Interlocking concrete block solutions designed by us in the U.K. & Made in India by you

Our mission is to provide innovative and efficient building solutions to our clients in India and the U.K.



  • Block manufacturing quantity of 12,000 per annum with standard concrete casting techniques in 8 hour shifts on weekdays.
  • At full capacity, 50,000 concrete blocks can be manufactured using our production methods within Year 3.
  • In house facility with 10,000 sq. ft: mix - mould - cast - cure - store - sell.
  • Ready mix concrete for greater mobility and reduction of logistic expenses.
Duchess of Cambridge, at the award winning project at the Chelsea Flower Show in London.
Batch Plant


World class concrete expertise through collaboration with leading research institutes and researchers in Europe. Our concrete classes are tailored to the requirements of the customer with respect to cost, availability and strength. According to industrial standard codes we have developed 3 different mixes that are currently in use:

  • Standard concrete
  • Recycled concrete
  • Sustainable concrete

We ensure profitability & sustainability under one roof



We derive our name "ENSTASTRUCTUR" from the combination of words - "instant" and "structure" due to the nature of our construction solutions. These blocks are assembled to build structures instantaneously without the need of expensive joining techniques or intensive labour hours. Thus, resulting in reduction in construction times by up-to 50%. We provide block solutions exclusively for "BLOCKWALLS, U.K."

  • Recommended number of moulds for a single unit -
  • Year 1: 30-50
  • Year 2: 50-80
  • Year 3: 80-100 moulds
ENSTAblok moulds are shipped to India from Europe
Product testing


Our products are tested for strength. This is a crucial aspect to meet our clients' needs. Concrete is a cocktail of several building materials such as aggregates, cement and sand. Our concrete block mixes are made with constituents that have passed particle test analysis. We test materials from different sources to provide cost effective solutions in the form of quality tested concrete lego blocks.

  • Reduce input costs
  • Bespoke mix designs
  • Send us your locally sourced materials to test
  • Alternative material suggestions as per geography
  • Products tested to suit local infrastructure for increased competitiveness
Blockwalls operates to the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system for all business processes.
Innovative Construction


At Blockwalls, we are constantly innovating and exploring new methods and techniques to produce novel solutions for our clients. This separates us from our competition and allows us to be trusted partners for our customers. In the past, structural designers had issues specifying various types of retaining walls because of limited time for construction and cost intensive solutions on the market. By choosing interlocking concrete lego blocks, contractors are completing projects in record time and well below budget in the U.K. Thus making our products a lucrative option for infrastructure projects, civil and ground works, highway and bridge retention.

  • Salient features:
  • Flexible
  • Mass production
  • Speedy construction
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle
  • Minimal operator training required
  • Multiple sizes, colours and finishes
  • Capable of withstanding large loads
With "Virtabloc - R" we have devised a patent applied system that has now allowed engineers to forego expensive provisions for wall type structures.


Enstastructur specialise in a large selection of Blockwalls applications. We advise on a range of applications and provide cost-effective engineering solutions. Our clients are mainly from the construction and building sector, while we have also build interesting projects such as "shooting ranges", "bio gas plants" etc.

Specialist applications such as

  • 1. Drainage of structures, & Groundworks
  • 2. Retaining Walls – Gravity & Reinforced Earth
  • 3. Flood and Coastal Protection
  • 4. Industrial Sheds & Godowns
  • 5. Material Storage & Waste bays - Landfills
  • 6. Hydraulic Structures – Canals & Weirs
  • 7. Architecture & Landscaping
  • 8. Military – Trenches & Temporary Bunkers
  • 10. Transportation – Ramps & Bridge approaches


At Enstastructur, we pride ourselves on a holistic approach as a design and manufacturing consultancy. We are here to support you through the whole process. Our design service allows partners and their clients, the freedom to utilise our products efficiently with great value for money. We encourage license partners to supply us with details of their projects to come up with swift and feasible designs to suit their needs. Our ten commandments for partners in India are:

  1. Blockwalls will provide complete support
  2. Production schedules
  3. Installation of equipment
  4. Maintenance schedules
  5. Supply all equipment and suggest source materials
  6. Training of all staff and customer awareness
  7. Marketing materials
  8. Manufacturing plans
  9. Use of patent applications
  10. Exclusive support line from Blockwalls, U.K.


Enstastructur exclusively issue License Agreements to interested entities for setting up of fabrication units for the purpose of manufacture & sale of Blockwalls solutions in India. As a partner we fully understand your needs having a wealth of experience in the construction industry and having professionals on board that are experts in financing infrastructure projects in India. As a result we have done our market research before entering the civil infrastructure sector. As per our estimates, units will average INR 5,000,000 per month income initially within 100 days of operation for every 1000 blocks sold.

Enstastructur can provide project finance options for its partners through leading banks with pan-India presence.

To find out more about partnerships, collaborations and business in India, please contact:

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