Book Fest Hong Kong The Kellett international School

This is the story of The Book Fest at Kellett International School, May 2016.

Three authors, three countries, 6 books, 2 campuses, 28 classes, 700 children, 34 teachers, 2 librarians and 1400 parents and 1 Books Go Walkabout project.

Snapshots of the 4 days, lots of fun, lots of learning and plenty of books,books,books.

Reception children at Kowloon Bay Campus working on families and relationships with Author Ifeoma Onyefulu and her book, Here Comes Our Bride, set in Africa.
And in the classroom at Pok Fu Lam one of the Reception classes is spellbound by tales from Africa and Ifeoma.
Reception classes have been learning that Africa is a place of colour, vibrancy and families, that's as well as giraffes, lions, lephants and all the amazing animal life. Ifeoma is very proud of their work.
Dragonkeeper author Carole Wilkinson from Australia, shows Year 6 at Pok fu Lam campus how the idea for The Dragonkeeper started. " it was when I found this piece of writing from over 2000 years ago that I saw the start of my story. It said that when the dragon died they made it Into pickle, the dragon keeper had been afraid of the dragon, but was even more afraid of the Emperor who would have had been most unhappy to know that his dragon was dead! He couldn't bury the dragon so he turned it into pickle!' And that is how my story started."
The stories emerge....
Hard at work, with a backdrop of a returned draft from Carole's editor.
Time for a break at Pok Fu Lam
At Kowloon Bay with Yr 4, and Carole's book of Ramose, Prince in Exile, set in Ancient Egypt, time to review, plan and think!
We even needed the hall to explore ideas!
Writing poetry with Cheryl Moskowitz and Yr 1. Time to plan and look at words, sounds, onomatopoeia , cinquains
Now, how to get this into a poem, a cinquain?

Book Fest at Kellett School, The British International School in Hong Kong, a huge success! We had 4 days, produced 700 pieces of written work, 1000's of stories waiting to be produced, hundreds of books to be read and 1 Books Go Walkabout project completed.... Or has it only just begun?

Book Fest Kellett School, Hong Kong 2016. Thank you for reading. Books Go Walkabout Team, Cambridge UK
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Sue Martin

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