The infinite Barcelona A flabbergasted declaration of eternal love

I suppose any place worth visiting to a degree makes you speechless, moving past banal commentary to just observing, taking in the ways and walks of this or that new place. But what is it about just a week’s getaway in the relatively mundane Barcelona in February that makes it hard for me to even start or stop more than a week later?

It is a feeling of infinity and obviously, this has something to do with what the eyes did not censor for the mind.


That sensory input for a northerner suddenly seeing warm hues again is massive! Warm light most days and colourful clad people with sophistication and a complete disregard for winter season.

And of course walking around in a city so rich of history; from invasions to religious turmoil. It is marked by an unmatched effort of making anything man build into beautiful pantomimes that showcase everyday life.

Yesterday’s desires and achievements are eminent everywhere in the city. It makes it special to zip a cup of coffee next to a church build by the baïxtas, carrying rocks down from the mountain on their own backs.

It was almost 700 years ago, and it still is and forever will be right here.


The streets have quickly become my favourite speciality of photography: That undeniable human element occuring in the midst of the city. The sweet Grácia and the slightly rougher Raval quarters have it all.

Grit, style and elegance go hand in hand in a city where life very much seems to be lived in the streets and on the squares. You just have to get a little cheeky, too.


Over it all you have the Montjuïc mountain, reachable by cable car and working as a terrasse for both the Olympic stadium and, at the end of the winding road the old town fortress.

The fortress was used in the (many) events of hostile invasions during the middle ages and, in a sense of irony it now of course is a heavily touristed area by foreigners.

But in a quiet spot it still gives you a profound sense of scale: That little metropol down there perfectly triangulated by the sea, the Ordal mountains and the Pyrenees might be a cultural parenthesis in the grand scheme of Nature.

But it sure looks as if it could go on forever.


'I see people, brand new people'. I stole this line for a Instagram update, and it probably still is the best description.

More than any other area I have been in in the south, the incredibly polite people provoke nosiness, whether they sit quietly by themselves reading in the park, or they throw cheeky compliments at you. This constant flux of new interesting people makes opportunities and moments move by you incessantly.

Therefore, I am not sure this greeting is quite accurate. But it will be true.

¡Barcelona, a nos vemos!

The beach of Barceloneta is captivating! I made a little photo essay about it here

More images from my trip to Barcelona on my Flickr and other social media. Feel free to connect with me here

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