The Crabtrees Steven crabtree

Melissa and I have been married for 9 years.
This is Austin Myself Melissa and Becca
My wife Melissa graduated the ASN program at NAU in November 2016.
Austin started track this year.
Becca's first selfie. She plays clarinet in band.
Man how fast they grow.

Can't forget the critters.

Titty was our first pet. We rescued him and yes his name is Titty, all 21 pounds of him. When we first got him Becca was so young she couldn't say kitty. She said Titty and when I laughed he gave me a dirty look. And it stuck....
We rescued Cleo too. She was a feral cat that came from a horder's house. She has been a handful but she's coming around. She's a lynx point Siamese. Isn't she pretty?
Oscar is a Bearded Dragon. He's the first reptile we've ever had and he's the best. His favorite thing to do is cuddle up with you and watch TV. I know right, isn't that crazy?
You can't forget Harry. I know Momma sure won't forget him. He's Austin's pet but I usually have to handle and feed him. Last time Austin tried he turned white and almost passed out.
As you can see I usually have my hands full studying.
So what would I recommend a person do if they decided to put their wife and themselves through nursing school while raising kids and a small farm?

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