My Epiphany of Learning by Jonathon gehm

My epiphany of learning from the semester came while in Chicago at Juarez Academy. During the first class that I observed, one boy gave a short presentation about a program that the school offered where students could go to Africa to help build a school for the children there. While the experience was not very well received, there was one student who raised her hand when the boy presenting asked if anyone was interested. That was where I went "Ah ha!" While many of the students were bored during the presentation, one student took it seriously and seemed interested in doing the program. That made me think about being a teacher. As a history teacher, no matter how hard I try, not everyone is going to love my class or what I have to say. However, while I still must push all the students to learn and pay attention and take it seriously, the idea that even one student might take it seriously and want to pursue a degree in history or at least use what they have learned in class and make a difference makes me extremely happy and makes me feel like I am in the right major right now. As a teacher, we are not just educators, but we are role models. If just one student looks at me and says "I want to be like him," then I have done my job and then some. While my overall goal is not to have students want to be like me or want to be a history teacher, it still put things into perspective for me that while not everyone will love my classes, some will. And that is just one of the many satisfactions I will get out of teaching.

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