Michael Poliza presents: Explore Alaska's Wilderness by plane and land anywhere you like...

Wrangell St. Elias National Park

55 000 Square Kilometer of pure Wilderness

No roads, no Infrastructure

Pure Nature!

Best to explore by plane...

Planes, that can land anywhere

Big & soft rubber tires make that possible

Amazing landscapes!

So much to explore

land on glaciers

Virtually walk where no man has walked before

Enjoy untouched nature

Swim in blue and icy pools

Beauty wherever you look

fantastic fall colors


Colorful glacier lakes


Fantastic and very experienced pilots that know the area by heart

Lunchbreak with campfire!

Wonderful camp! As isolated as it gets

Your comfortable home for a few days.

Maybe even see the northern lights

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Created By
Michael Poliza


Images & slideshow by Michael Poliza

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