Business & University Credit Online courses at Coast Mountain College | Spring 2020

CMTN goes online this Spring

We offer accredited courses in topics such as: business, permaculture, geography, psychology, oceanography and criminology.

You can take courses for professional development, university transfer credits or as dual credit for high school students.

Led by our experienced, knowledgable and fun college professors. And available all online!

High school students and Dual Credit - Tuition-free courses are available for high school students through a partnership between your School District and CMTN. Dual Credit gives you the opportunity to earn dual credits on your high school transcript and your CMTN transcript. Take a look at the courses we are offering and contact your high school counsellor to find out how you can register as a dual credit student.

Business courses this Spring

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All Business courses listed below are scheduled May 4 - June 30.

More business courses offered online this summer! See below for details.

For information about our Business program and courses visit coastmountaincollege.ca/business or contact Seth Downs, CMTN Coordinator.

If you live in Smithers and would like to study business at CMTN you could win $1250 towards your tuition.

CMTN Foundation offers six awards valued at $1,250 each available to full-time students. This is offered for Canadian Citizen students new to the Business program offered at the Smithers campus. Click here for more information.

University Credit courses

Take a Criminology course this spring!

Learn the principles of law enforcement and about the Canadian criminal justice system with our Criminology courses. Our robust Criminology department is led by CMTN Professor, Michael Brandt who teaches both Criminal Justice and Criminal Law in Canada courses this spring.

Michael Brandt has taught internationally in a variety of settings, including for Criminalpol, Interpol and the Direzione Investigativa Antimafia in Rome, Italy. In Canada, he has also taught at S.F.U. and Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

Regardless of the setting, Michael's aim has always been the same: to promote evidence-based criminal justice policy, inspire students to think critically about crime and criminal justice and promote social justice.

Michael obtained both his BA and MA in Criminology at the School of Criminology at Simon Fraser University (S.F.U.).

At Coast Mountain College, he has designed the Criminology Diploma Program as well as the Community, Crime and Social Justice Certificate.

More options for college and university transfer courses this spring are listed below.

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Some of our spring courses are offered, not just online but through distributed learning. To connect you with your instructor with any and all means possible. These courses are listed below.

What is Permaculture?

"An innovative framework for creating regenerative ways of living; a practical method for developing ecologically harmonious, ethical, human-scale and productive systems that can be used by anyone, anywhere."--Permaculture Magazine

In times like these we, at CMTN, think food security is a hot topic.

People everywhere are engaging in a local, land-based lifestyle and permaculture explores the practice and design of that land, recognizing uniqueness to every ecosystem.

Offered as part of our Associate Degree in Sustainable Communities, this is the first time we have offered Permaculture Design online. A 30 day course to help you build skills in cultivating and supporting land--perhaps for farms and food production.

Permaculture Design (SUST 120) June 1 - June 30

Taught by CMTN's College Professor, Ken ShawFor the past eight years Ken has specialized in developing further skills in the implementation of sustainable community design. He has two Permaculture Design Certificates, one from the University of Oregon and the second from Pacific Permaculture. He also received Permaculture teacher training from the Australian Permaculture Research Institute, Urban Permaculture Design certificate, and Edible Forest Design certificate from Dave Jacke.

Prior to teaching, Ken has worked as a crop consultant with Green Valley Fertilizer and with the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture, ARDSA, Engineering, and 4-H Youth Development Branches.

Contact information and more fun facts about Ken here.

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