"The Lost Boy" by Dave Pelzer Novemeber/December 2016 AR Biography Activity

"The man flicked on the light on his desk. 'Come on now sit; sit down.' I obeyed, finding an oversized chair. I sat and stared at the man. I waited for him to say something, anything. Am I in the right room, the right office? Is he the doctor? He surely can't be the psychiatrist." (pg. 122)

Based upon the context clues, the "psychiatrist" means a doctor who you talk to to help try and fix your mental issues.

" 'Tell me that you didn't convince this walking paramecium over here to drive by your mother's house.' I swallowed hard and again attempted to turn on my charm, flashing Mrs. C my best smile. 'Para...? ' An insect with no brains!" (pg. 139)

Based upon the context clues, the word "paramecium" means a single simple organism.

"On the up side, I was elated to play in the bright rays of the summer sun." (pg. 151)

Based upon the context clues, the word "elated" mean to be exceptionally happy.

" That evening after the the theatre closed, I rode up to the local Denny's restaurant, where I salivated as plates of food whizzed by the counter." (pg. 161)

Based upon the context clues, the word "salivated" mean to secrete saliva in the anticipation of food.

"Your mother is claiming that your past behavior at her house warranted her to discipline you because you were so incorrigible."(pg. 173)

Based upon the context clues, the word "incorrigible" means to not be able to correct a person's tendencies.

" David, I don't know why it is, but for some reason a great deal of individuals look down on foster care.And these people believe that you children are all bad, otherwise you wouldn't be in foster care. And if they can keep you out of their society, well, the better foe them. You understand don't you?' I shook my head no. Lilian raised a finger to her lips while rethinking her statement. 'You know what the word prejudice means, don't you?" (pg. 204)

Based upon the context clues, the word "prejudice" means to have a preconvinced opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.

"She would always seem to bite her lip in front of Michael, but the moment he left for work she would return to treating me as if I were a toy doll. Joanne insisted on washing my hair, prohibited me to ride my bike past the corner of the block and instead of the $2.50 allowance I had recieved at the Catanzes, she proudly dropped two quarters into the palm of my hand. ' Now don't spend this all in one place,' she warned." (pg. 229)

Based upon the context clues, the word "prohibited" means banned.

" I stepped into a vacant, white-walled room containing nothing but a twin sized matress on one side of the wall and a box-spring on the other." (pg. 238)

Based upon the context clues, the word "vacant" means empty and without much fixtures.

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