Digital Imaging Connor J Morland

All the Small Things

For this digital imaging piece I selected to take all shots in the studio, focusing more on the others climbing around my self portrait.i put a cock in All images were taken on a self timer whilst using the Olympus OM-D MKII. The idea for this spawned when seeing a similar image created online but decided to change the base idea and turn the shot into a blizzard occurring whilst people were climbing.

All images were taken in the studio with a white backdrop, the first image consisting of a self timer set whilst the camera (olympus OM-D MKII) was set on a tripod.

The background wasn't used to create a safety net for the image in case a mistake was made, Layer one consisting of the background layer of a self shot image brushing my shoulder no other edits were made to this Layer. Layer 2 consisted of three different copies, again as a safety net, creating a masking layer in the "JasonJump" Layer and altering the size to fit in with the all the small things outcome. Layer 3 consisted of another self portrait with a ten second timer being set but also another model being used, the image was then selected and masked. To further this image i decided that a snow storm (blizzard) would be best suited for the image, for this to occur I painted in layers of snow in the foreground of the image, using motion blur to create more of the blizzard look. Then by cutting out my self portrait and creating a new layer behind the self portrait and further adding more snow into the shot, creating a sense of depth.

A further layer was created to add another image of the model climbing up the self portrait's shoulder, with an extra layer added to create settled snow in the area in which the model is standing.

Take Back the City

For this digital image manipulation, focusing in on the subject of "take back the city", with the initial shot being taken in Glasgow City centre, the second image being taken in the studio of the model grabbing the merchant city sign and the initial sky was very dark and dreary and was swapped out to a more inviting sky. With the three images being taken on both the nikon D7200 and the Olympus OM-D MKII. The initial idea for the shot was brought about when the image of merchant city sign was taken, giving the idea that the sign is the city.

With the background layer being the image of the merchant city sign and its surroundings, the layer of course being locked so nothing would alter it. Layer 2 became a layer that was later removed for artistic choices. Layer three became the new sky for the image, creating a new layer mask to remove all but what is needed for the image, further adding an increase in exposure due to the image being a bit dull to begin with. After the background was sorted i introduced the model into the shot, adding a layer mask again and removing parts of the image that weren't needed or merged with the background, making sure that the subject stayed behind the "merchant city" sign. Further creating a photo filter to cool the temperature of the model due to her warm tones standing out compared to the rest of the image. The final layer saw to the "merchant city" sign being in front of the models hand as to keep in line with the rest of the image.

The Last Of Us

This image was completely created in the studio, making the subject face towards the soft-box being used making it relatively easy to cut out for each layer, also keeping all lighting the same helped with the final image outcome. All images were taken on the Nikon D7200.

For this image Layer one became the image of the models face, only taking up a third section of the image, with the lighting creating a sort of silhouette of the model but catching her eye and mouth to break it. Then using another model I photographed each hand stretched out and positioned differently each time. Each layer there after was masked and painted out, then applying a higher contrast ratio and a slight black and white gradient to finalise the image.

Rear View Mirror

This image for "Rear view mirror" consisted of three shots, two of which were taken in the studio, the third became a long exposure of steel wool. The background image of the first model holidng the mirror was taken in clam shell lighting with a grey backdrop, the second image was for cut out and used in a white background studio for ease of cut out. The third image that is the background for the mirror was shot a few weeks prior.

Firstly creating a background copy incase their was a major mistake made, making my background layer my first layer. The second layer consisting of the model moving their first towards the viewer of the image, this image was taken in portrait and then layered and masked to easily cut out and paint out for further accuracy. The third layer being the image of steel wool is placed behind the model, masked and painted out into the shape of the mirror. Another layer was added to create cracks in the mirror to give an impression that the model inside were breaking out.

Open Your Eyes

This image was firstly created with a macro shot of the models eye, further using a full body image of the model running towards myself whilst taking the image, afterwards adding another layer to the image, blurring out his body but preventing his head and hand from blurring in the image. Adding another long exposure image that I created behind the model, making it look like a portal behind him. Further adding a layer of lightning into the shot with the paintbrush tool.

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