Louis XVI Weds! Katlyn Johnson

The End of the Seven Years' War

The war between Britain and allies, France and Spain, and Frederick II of Prussia and Austria, France, Russia, and Sweden, who were against Prussia ended in 1763. In efforts to keep the alliance between France and Austria, the marriage of Marie Antoinette and Louis XV's grandson is arranged.

Meeting Louis

In 1770, when Marie was 14 years old, her mother, Marie Theresa, sent her to marry Louis XVI. Marie was born November 2, 1755 and she was the daughter of Marie Theresa and Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor, who later died in 1765. On May 16th, Louis XVI and Marie were married in Versailles. Louis was 15 and Marie Was 14. In 1774, King Louis XV dies and Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette are crowned. With two young people as the leaders, this can not end well for France. How will they know what to do? I do not believe that the people of France will not like their new leaders.









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