Harn Museum Caroline Comeau

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist:

Above is a photo of multiple ceramic vases from Asia, most notably from China and Japan. The description explains how the pots reflect the different cultures that pass through the silk road and how it has playing a role in the craftsmanship of these vases. I took a pottery class in high school for a year so I understood how difficult making these vases are. Being them in person was astonishing because the shapes of the vases are very difficult to make and I feel like I would not have observed the intricate detail if I was only shown a picture of them. I also like the way the were displayed all along the wall because it made it much easier for me to differentiate the different colors and shapes of the vases.

Design of the Museum:

Design of the Museum: I really enjoyed walking through the museum especially when I encountered the green life. I took a plants class last semester and we touched on how plants can affect how a person feels about their surroundings. I felt that the incorporation of lush green plants made me feel happier and allowed me to proceed touring the museum with a more open mind when analyzing different art works. I also enjoyed viewing this exhibit (picture above) and how all the art was spread next to each other. Seeing the different pastel colors made me think the artist was conveying nostalgia, serenity, and dreamlike thoughts. The soft lighting also makes it easy on the eyes to truly look at each individual color, while the placement allows the viewer to put a bigger picture together.

Art and Core Values:

One of my core values is achievement. I saw this art work and felt that it connected with one of my core values. I interpreted the quote as a person envisioning something they wanted to accomplish in the past, but never did yet they still have a chance to do it. I related to this quote and analysis right away because it made me think of when I moved to Singapore from Miami half way through my junior year in high school. When I moved I did not appreciate the culture and different people as much as I should have. I realized this once I graduated and thought to myself I have to achieve the full adaption to a new surrounding next time I move, which evidently was to Gainesville. I am now much more open to the new culture and new people than I was in Singapore, therefore achieving what was once a thought in the past that had never existed.

Art and the Good Life: I believe the first image shown (all the different vases) embodies the Good Life theme of accepting different experiences and cultures. This theme is shown in Siddhartha as it is shown in these vases/pots. Each pot is different with unique designs and patterns. I found it very intriguing that all the pots show the different cultures when the sim road was a major trade route. The pots, much like Siddhartha, had absorbed the different cultures and experiences through the artist. I especially enjoyed seeing the blue and white patterned pots (towards the bottom of the picture) because it reminded me much of the artwork I saw in Singapore when I was living there. I can definitely see the different Asian influences and can relate to the different vases and their purpose after living there for two years, for example the blue flower print is a common design with Asian pottery even today and when given as a gift is a sign of great appreciation from the person who gave the gift.

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