Animal Magic Rebecca from Animal Magic came to visit with her wonderful mini zoo.

Meet ‘Hagrid’ the Red Chile Rose Tarantula. Hagrid is very fragile so the children were only allowed to look at him. Miss Clark and Mrs Trow were very brave and held Hagrid.
‘Cookie’ the descented Skunk. The children said she felt soft and fluffy.
The children met ‘Magma’ the Chameleon, he can change his colour . When Magma is happy he stays bright green.
This is ‘Twiggy’ and she is a Tenrec, the children thought she looked like a baby hedgehog.
This is ‘Tango’ the Corn Snake, he is not poisonous and the children loved holding him. The children said he was very wriggly and felt soft.
‘Eric’ the Tawny Owl. Eric was very well behaved and sat on his perch watching the children, they thought he had really big eyes and made them laugh when he flapped his wings.
This is ‘Bob’ the Somali Uromastyx, he needs to be kept warm and he likes to eat green plants and seeds.
The children loved ‘Patch’ the Rabbit, he was quite big and fluffy, the children thought he was “so cute”.
‘Max’ the Bearded Dragon sat very still for the children to stroke, they asked if he had fire in his mouth!
Meet ‘Comet’ and ‘Rocky’ the very naughty Meerkats. The children loved stroking and talking to the meerkats, although they did say they were very smelly!
‘Sheila’ the Giant African Land Snail, he was described as “slimey”.
This is ‘Victor’ the Red Footed Tortoise, the children said he felt “bumpy” and “hard”.

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