Are we paying for a "satisfying lifestyle"? Michael Green Jr. / ENG-103 / Proposal


Clemson Main Campus

My issue is the amount of space and privacy in college dorms. The quota of privacy is limited according to your roommate and the space is poor. This issue is huge and seems to always get overlooked. Every Freshman is required to complete a housing contract prior to getting accepted to the University. We really don’t have a good understanding of who our roommate is going to be until you meet them. So basically, you’re sleeping with a stranger staring in your face. How weird is that? The margin of space and privacy in college dorms is horrible and I believe every freshman worldwide is affected by this requirement. You are required to live on campus in dorms your first year of college, so you have to deal with the issue. This issue is going to be continuous if we don’t act on it.


This issue matters for various reasons. Research shows that everyone has a personal bubble. A personal bubble is the space around a person which nobody should enter unless invited to do so causing a level of awkwardness of some level of discomfort. College dorms are usually 11′ x 16′ in size. Which is not big enough to support a “satisfying lifestyle.” The population, community, and region probably would not be affected. This issue is affecting locally and nationally. However, if students came together as one and stood up to the issue, there could be a change.

Research Question: Is there enough SPACE and PRIVACY in College Dorms?

Additional / Possible Questions : Could this cause health concerns? Why does housing cost so much? Why are we required to live in these places? Who came up with this requirement? What is the amount of space and privacy required for healthy living?


According to USA Today and a few surveys conducted by myself, this issue is a huge problem and it's constantly growing. I conducted a simple survey about on campus housing. The question I asked was "On a scale from 1-10, rate the amount of privacy and space in the dorm you reside in." I have read that this issue is everywhere, but no one stands up to it. Everyone is stuck being complacent and just goes through the process, instead of challenging the requirement.

This conversation is going on everywhere and includes every child who decides to attend college. This issue includes the University Housing, Students, and Parents. They're basically saying why should we pay our money for our children to stay in a small room with no privacy and a stranger. I believe this issue could be resolved if we just take a STAND!


My research plans are to go to all dorms on campus and observe the amount of space and privacy in the rooms. I could also go to some surrounding colleges and observe their dorms also. I could possibly go the housing portal to obtain information on this requirement. Some schools allow freshman to choose to live on or off campus and the choice of private room. This is some stuff I could possibly research to obtain more information. Some methods of inquiry I could administrate is scholarly articles and photo/video documentation. I've already conducted interviews, questions, and observations.


Some possible challenges or obstacles I could face is coverage error. Coverage error is an error that occurs in statistical estimates of a survey. I could possibly not cover everyone and some people voice wouldn't be heard. I could also have no one respond to my survey and this would have data skewed. There is also a lot of people facing this issue, so definitely time would be an issue. I could address these difficulties by being accurate and precise with recording my data during my interviews and surveys. Also, allow myself enough time to complete everything.


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